Here are some of the things others have had to say about me and what I do:

Once in a great while you meet a person so beautiful on the inside that they can’t begin to contain that beauty and they don’t even try. They share it with everyone, everywhere, at every possible opportunity. Kirsten is the most beautiful of these people I’ve ever met. In the 4 years I’ve known her, she has produced more opportunities for artists and musicians and interactive community building and strengthening than anyone I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my 49 years on this planet.
— Tamara Clammer
Witte’s End... I have enjoyed countless hours in this precious little corner of Seattle, where people are invited to be themselves, show up however they need to, and relax. I adore you Kirsten Mohan, and I fully trust that you will receive all the support you need to keep your home. We need more spaces like yours and certainly, yours is absolutely needed
— Wren LaFeet
Witte’s End is a playful home where we explore our passions, follow inspiration, appreciate each other’s quirks, and learn to be our best. Oh, and of course, lots of dress-up shenanigans! For me, this space has been a magical lilypad, upon which I landed after on of the most painful patches of my life. It is a healing zone. Here, I am enveloped in a warm, creative climate that holds space for quality growth.
— Anna Jade Flourney-Latimer
Kirsten has time and time again opened her home, her heart, her creative space- welcomed me with open arms into her (and now my) community, bought some of my jewelry, challenged me to be myself, loaned me her car, invited me to vend, and given me countless hugs. She is a kind, resilient, fearless mother and strong support in the community. Save Witte’s End, the fantastical home she has created for her family.
— Mara Bee
[By creating Chrysalis] Kirsten has created a lovely homespace for us all. She has poured blood sweat tears creativity passion love and inspiration between these walls. We have ALL soaked it up.
— Sarah Beery
Kirsten is one of the most creative, quick-minded individuals I’ve ever worked with. She has an innate design sense, is a terrific businessperson and a fun person to know and work with.
— Karen Lindsey, Managing Broker, John L. Scott Real Estate
Kirsten helped me understand the power of Facebook for business, which has turned out to be a great thing for us. Our business now has more than 2,000 fans, who communicate with us every day via our fan page. Kirsten is my social media hero!
— Dan McComb, Filmmaker
Kirsten exudes great passion in business and in life. She has great vision for the success of all her clients. She is a leader in technology and understands the importance of high quality service.
— Kimberly Johnston
I have had to opportunity to work with Kirsten on several real estate transactions and would do it again any day.
She is such a pleasure to work with and really goes above and beyond for her clients. Her calm demeanor and positive attitude carry her though a transaction from start to finish with great results.
— Shelly Sykes
Kirsten is a friendly, honest person who has a very strong work ethic. She showed us a million homes until we found the perfect one. She thoroughly marketed the home we were selling which gained ton of showings, which was especially impressive as the market was slowing. She made our goals her goals and communicated with us consistently with a positive yet realistic attitude. I speak for my husband as well as myself in saying that we’d certainly work with Kirsten again in a heartbeat and hope also to maintain the friendship we’ve developed for a long time to come
— Mary Toombs
Kirsten helped us buy a “beach cabin” near Long Beach Washington. Even though Long Beach was outside her normal work area she agreed to help us find our perfect getaway cabin and she delivered. A number of challenges presented themselves because of the distances and different approaches that the rural agents used and Kirsten was able to work through each one quickly and efficiently. She really came through for us and I’d recommend her to anyone looking for Real Estate services.
— Craig Nelson