Artist. Mother. Professional Weirdo.

To most succinctly describe myself, I would say that I am a woman of many hats, both literally and figuratively.

In my various professional endeavors, my current roles include: event producer/promoter, decorator, hostess, stylist, designer, singer, dancer, connector, catalyst, and curator. I feel so blessed to be working within a community of truly talented, hard-working, and creative individuals locally as well as globally (thanks, Burning Man!). Mostly, I love to create spaces and moments where people feel inspired to engage and be their best, most playful and creative selves. 

Currently, the space nearest and dearest to me, into which I have put the majority of my love and attention - my own home - is in jeopardy. I have secured a mutually accepted contract to purchase the property directly from my landlord for below market value in a very robust seller's market, however I require immediate assistance securing a private loan or co-investor to complete the transaction as soon as possible. I intend to turn our home, which is already a delightful family creative space, into a mini bed-and-breakfast / family-friendly artist retreat to generate income and allow me to offer quarterly 2 week artist residencies, similar to programs like the Rockland Residency. Due to financial encumbrances left over from my late husband's estate, I have declared bankruptcy and am therefore not a candidate for a conventional loan. I am, however, able to guarantee my ability to make timely loan payments for the next ten years - until my children are out of high school - and the less-than-market purchase price combined with improvements planned immediately after closing mean instant equity and a very secure investment. 

For more information about the property and investment specifics, please see the Witte's End section of this website. If you or someone you know is interested in investing or lending, please don't hesitate to contact me immediately.